Become an Ageless Decade Certified Physician

Our training is the most comprehensive in the post-graduate medicine industry.  Our recorded streaming learning modules cover all of the following …

  • Hormone Balancing in Women and Men:  Adrenal, Male, Female, Thyroid.
  • Salivary Testing
  • GI Leaky Gut Testing and Treatment
  • Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment
  • Weight Loss Protocols focusing on ketosis fat burning and treatment of food addictions

Protocols and Customizable Forms

All of the patient forms and consents you need are provided.  All are editable and customizable.

Exclusive Use of Intellectual Property

Only trained providers are allowed to use the Ageless Decade (TM) marks and logos in their practices.  This is provided at no additional charge with every training package.

Ageless Decade Books and Supplements

Only Ageless Decade trained providers may distribute the Books and our Supplements.  Your training includes a starter supply of these items with re-order privileges at wholesale pricing.

One-On-One Site Visit

Once the online modules have been completed, Gregory Zengo, MD, the author of the Ageless Decade books will spend a day at your office for the final run-through of Ageless Decade protocols and help with your first few new patient encounters.  Of course, you will have all of our physicians available for use for help with complex cases.


Next Steps…

Contact Us for more information and a price quote.  All training is accredited by PracticalCME Medical Training

Become an Ageless Decade Provider